Breaching Instructor

Lieutenant Scott Johnson started with the DeSoto County (MS) Sheriff’s Department in 1996 and is assigned to the patrol division where he currently oversees a shift. He is also one of the Department’s firearms instructors. In 1997 Scott was selected and joined the SWAT Team and assigned to the entry team.

Since being on the SWAT Team, Scott has also served as a sniper and explosive breacher. In 2004 he was promoted to Assistant Team Leader and in 2006 to Team Leader. As Team Leader, Scott was assigned the duties of CQB Instructor and was responsible for all training and operational planning of the team.

In 2010, Scott was assigned to oversee the breaching element of the team and is currently the lead explosive breacher. Scott has planned and been involved in numerous operations and operational explosive breaches, not only in support of his team but other SWAT teams in his area.