Breaching Instructor

Wade Rorich has had prior service in the South African Defense Force.  After his tenure in the South African military, he joined the South African Police Service.  Wade has been teaching military, law enforcement, security personnel and responsible citizens from all over the world for over 26 years. He has been involved in teaching military and law enforcement in week long tactic schools in subject matters such as:  Small Arms Tactics, Mechanical Breaching, Prevailing in Low Light Conditions, Response to an Active Shooter, Team Tactics, Close Quarter Battle and Defensive Tactics.  He also holds additional multiple instructor and master level certifications in a wide arena of tactical expertise.  Wade has been previously contracted to provide private maritime security aboard vessels in the Middle East aiding in Anti-Piracy attacks and has worked closely with international counter terrorism units. Wade designs and manufactures innovative breaching equipment for military and law enforcement personnel which is tried and tested at TEES.