Duration: 4 days
Teams Only / $900 (TEES MS Facility) $1000 (Out of state)
Students: 8 min – 20 max
Restrictions: Law Enforcement, Military or Government Agencies

The aim of this four day course is to introduce students to combat clearance, limited penetration, and breach and hold techniques. Students will also become familiar with verbal and non-verbal communication methods along with command and control procedures required during a hostage rescue situation. Additionally, the students will be exposed to numerous scenarios that will require them to plan, prepare, and execute search warrants, barricades and hostage rescue missions in a safe and tactically sound manner.

The techniques and tactics taught have been time tested and operational proven and are considered on par with current international best practices utilized by both law enforcement and military special operation teams.

In a world that has been dramatically changed due to an increase in domestic criminal and terrorist activity, this course will ensure that your Department is exposed to the tactics that save lives!

Course content includes:

  • CQB tactical shooting (pistol and carbine)
  • History and evolution of CQB
  • Principles of combat clearance and limited penetration.
  • Combat clearance and limited penetration drills (live fire)
  • Non-verbal communication techniques
  • Hallway clearance drills (confined and large spaces)
  • Use of shields
  • Command & Control (radio commands)
  • Cover ports and de-conflictions
  • Deployment of distraction devices
  • Introduction to mechanical and explosive breaching (practical)
  • Night training (facility dependent)
  • Scenario based training

Equipment Requirements:

  • M4 with white light – IR capable and weapon mounted IR laser (if possible)
  • Pistol with white light
  • M4 x 100 Simunition rounds per officer
  • M4 x 200 live rounds per officer
  • Pistol x 150 live rounds per officer
  • Night Vision Goggles ( if available)
  • One Distraction Device per officer (if available)
  • Simunition face, neck and groin protection
  • Ballistic or riot shields x 4
  • All SWAT PPE