hostagerescueDuration: 4 days
Teams Only / $900 (TEES MS Facility) $1000 (Out of state)
Students: 8 Min – 24 Max
Restrictions: Law Enforcement, Military or Government Agencies

The aim of this course is to introduce special operation teams to tried and proven tactics currently being employed to rescue hostages or to serve an arrest/search warrant. After an initial close quarter tactical shooting session involving the pistol and carbine, the focus will switch to team compatibility drills such as dynamic structure clearing for hostage rescue situations followed by skills typical reserved for barricade and warrant service missions (combat clearance, breach and hold, use of canines and robots, etc.)

Additionally, distraction device deployment, use of shields, foot and vehicle approaches, radio commands, operational orders, bus/vehicle assaults and scenario based training will be conducted.

Course content includes:

  • Tactical shooting (handgun / carbine)
  • Close quarter battle (live fire)
  • Methods of entry (breaching techniques)
  • Hallway clearance drills
  • Negotiating stairwells
  • Deployment of distraction devices
  • Use of shields
  • Foot / vehicle approaches
  • Radio commands
  • Operational orders
  • Deliberate and emergency assaults
  • Bus and vehicle assaults
  • Off site training scenarios

Equipment Requirements:

  • Pistol with 3 mags and 100 rds of ammo – holster & mag pouch
  • Carbine or SMG with 3 mags and 300 rds of ammo- sling and mag pouch (white light)
  • Eye/Ear protection
  • Range training uniform
  • Body armor / LBV
  • Helmet
  • One live distraction device (if available)