Duration: 5 days
Cost: $1625
Students: 10 Min – 18 Max
Restrictions: Law Enforcement, Military, or Government Agencies
Pre-requisite: Must have attended a TEES Basic Explosive Breaching Course

The aim of this 5-day course is to upskill the breacher to better prepare him/her to confidently conduct a target analysis and execute an energetic breach against any medium commonly found on residential and commercial structures. This course will act as a major buffer between our basic and advanced courses and suitably prepare the breacher to fulfill their duties against more challenging targets including walls.

Confidence as a breacher comes with repetition against a variety of realistic targets. It is fair to say that our facility has been built to accommodate the objectives and tempo that this course will demand.

Course content includes:

  • Review of explosive breaching
  • Review of charge calculations – calculating net explosive weight, safe stacking distance, and internal overpressure
  • Use of the excel spreadsheets to collate data
  • Breaching wood and metal doors using core charges
  • Construction, placement and firing of unconventional core charges
  • Defeating complex barricaded doors commonly found during operations
  • Internal door charge (strip and linear)
  • Charge placement drills (deliberate and emergency assaults)
  • Breaching screen and security grill doors
  • Breaching commercial steel doors
  • Reacting to a misfired charge
  • Commercial specialty charges commonly used in explosive breaching
  • Breach Pen
  • Cover port breaching against sheetrock, hollow block, single brick, double brick, and brick / block wall