Pat Watson has served for more than a decade in military and law enforcement operations, domestically and abroad. Joining the U.S. Coast Guard in 2006, while stationed at Tactical Law Enforcement Team – South, Pat seized more than 80 metric tons of contraband during International Counter Narcotic operations and has apprehended more than 20 Somali Pirates during anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden. Later stationed in Sturgeon Bay WI, Pat worked domestic law enforcement on the Great Lakes, and then spent a year in GTMO on a Coast Guard security deployment.

Pat left the military and served as a Patrol Deputy with Manatee County Sheriff’s Office where he provided non-destructive entry support to other Deputies often and effectively enough that he decided to switch careers to become a full time trainer, teaching this unique and highly valuable skill set.

Now, published multiple times beginning with “Tactical Lock Picking Volume 1 – Foundations,” Pat writes books, trains protection dogs, and teaches covert entry courses out of his training facility in Cochran, GA full time.