Transcend Robotics Training will include their entire product line for TEES to train operators across the nation at our Mississippi facility.

TEES instructors will be equipped to train operators with the Transcend Robotics platform that is trusted by the most active SWAT teams in the US including LA Sheriff SEB, Cincinnati PD, and Denver PD. Operators will be able to train with the Vantage Robot with the Hot Gas Delivery, Mini Vantage Robot and Breacher Robot in various environments simulating real callouts.

Founded on its double patented stair and obstacle climbing technology, Transcend Robotics has been a mainstay in law enforcement with its robots by saving lives and reducing agency liabilities.

  • The Vantage Robot is Transcend’s flagship robot equipped with automatic stair climbing capability, full camera suite, 250 pound payload capacity, full push to talk 2 way audio and the best signal strength through walls for a robot under $100k.
  • The Hot Gas Delivery Payload mounts onto the Vantage making it the only robot that can deploy OC/CS pyrotechnic hot gas indoors without exposed flame, reducing the risk of secondary fire.
  • The Mini Vantage Robot is the most feature rich robot for under $10k. With the ability to easily climb over a 7 inch obstacle, self orientating cameras, recording capability, and swappable batteries.
  • The Breacher Robot is the next groundbreaking innovation brought to the market by Transcend Robotics. With 9,000 pounds of spreading force and 2,000 pounds of pushing force, the Breacher Robot ¬†will remotely break through most swing away residential metal and wood door frames. Gone are the days of hoping doors are left unlocked for difficult to operate robot arms to open. With the Breacher Robot, Operators no longer need to risk their lives by exposure to an armed and dangerous suspect behind the door.

Transcend Robotics: Saving lives through distance

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