digproDuration: 5 days
Cost: $1050 (TEES facility); $1100 (Out-of-state)
Students: 8 Min – 14 Max
Restrictions: Law Enforcement, Military, Government Agencies, and Security Professionals

The aim of this 5 day course is to pass on the skills necessary to plan and execute a mission in order to protect a dignitary, prisoner or witness who may have a threat against themselves or the entity they represent.

This program will be geared towards operations in a permissive environment and the students will be required to put in long hours in order to plan, prepare and successfully complete a challenging final exercise.

Course content includes:

  • Introduction to terrorism
  • Selection of dignitary protection personnel
  • Essential equipment
  • Organization of a dignitary protection team
  • Dignitary protection security survey
  • Interviewing the Principal
  • Foot formations
  • Close quarter tactical shooting (pistol)
  • Concealed carry drills
  • Attacks on the Principal
  • Route survey and security selection
  • Venue advance survey
  • Vehicle arrival and departure drills
  • Vehicle motorcade drills
  • Dignitary protection operation orders
  • Explosive / IED awareness
  • Vehicle counter ambush drills
  • Residential security
  • Establishing a standard operating procedure
  • Final exercise

Equipment Requirements:

  • Pistol with 100 rds of ammo / 2 magazines minimum
  • Clothing for final exercise – dress slacks, collar shirt, dress jacket, dress shoes (no jeans permitted)
  • Eye & ear protection
  • Range training uniform with zip or button up jacket to cover hip holster (no pullover jackets)
  • Concealable hip holster / magazine pouch
  • Laptop (optional)