schoolDuration: 4 days
Cost: Contact us
Students: 8 Min – 24 Max
Restrictions: Law Enforcement, Military

The aim of this 4 day course is to pass on the skills necessary to counter an active shooter situation occurring in a public area. After an initial presentation on the theory of an active shooter situation, the focus will shift to practical application involving individual and team skills. A good part of this course will be conducted in commercial buildings.

Course content includes:

  • Theory of an active shooter situation
  • Close quarter tactical shooting
  • Structure clearance techniques (single officer – 6 person team)
  • Hallway clearance drills
  • Stairwell clearance drills
  • Responsibilities of a first responder
  • Command and control issues
  • Introduction to improvised explosive devices
  • Vehicle takedowns
  • Verbal commands inside the structure
  • Responsibilities of the contact and rescue teams
  • Methods of entry (mechanical / shotgun / hydraulic / explosive)

Equipment Requirements:

  • Range training uniform
  • Body armor
  • Eye / ear protection
  • Pistol 100 rds
  • Carbine 250 rds